I am fascinated by the power of thought.  There is more and more evidence of how we are connected (eg Lynne McTaggart’s new book, The Bond) and how our thoughts can impact others.  This makes me ponder on prayer (a prayer is a thought after all)  and its power in healing cancer.  

There is so much to say on this subject, but for starters I want to consider the impact of prayer at its simplest level – when we pray for ourselves (regardless of religious persuasion or lack thereof).   

The act of prayer requires the pray-er to become quiet, release tension and let go of stress.  This in itself has a positive physiological effect.  Dr James Le Fanu, medical correspondent in the Daily Telegraph describes an extraordinary piece of research by Professor Luciano Bernardi of the University of Padua.  “There is a marked similarity in the physiological effects of chanted yoga mantras and the repetitive Latin of the Rosary Prayer, Ave Maria. … Surprisingly, they have a common thread, with the Rosary’s strong repetitive element having been introduced to Europe by the Crusaders who took it from the Arabs, who had in turn borrowed it from the Tibetan monks and yoga masters of India.  Professor Bernardi found that the reciting of the Rosary and yoga mantras slows the respiratory rate to six breaths a minute, which coincides with the rhythmic oscillation of nervous impulses controlling the heart rate.  This synchronicity of respiratory and heart rates boosts oxygen in the blood, while improving circulation to the brain.”  

Cancer cells don’t like oxygen, so this has got to be worth doing. 

More on the power of our thinking / praying / sending Light in future blogs.

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