Teeth and cancer

I had a tooth out yesterday.  It was great!  It didn’t hurt at all and was really quick and such a relief that my weeks of anxiety and pain were over.  Not quite sure why I sang (well, ahhhed) The Farmer’s in his Den throughout – loudly enough, apparently, for the waiting room to hear.  But anyway – it’s out and I’m happy.

The cancer connection is that initially I was offered a root canal, but on checking this out discovered there is a potentially serious impact on the immune system – because the inside of the tooth is dead and all the cavity is completely filled, it becomes  a perfect breeding ground and safe haven for microbes (viruses, yeasts, moulds, fungus and bacteria) and the immune system can’t get to them because they are cut off from the blood supply.

The blood can’t get in but they can get out. Every now and again they go out on a trip around the system and re-infect other parts of the body, really challenging the immune system. Dr Thomas Rau, who ran a Swiss cancer clinic called Paracelsus for many years, discovered that of 150 women at his clinic who were treated for breast cancer 147 of them had “one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the breast cancer”.

Weston Price started this research back in 1920. He would take a person who had had a heart attack, take out the tooth with the root canal, take a little segment of it, put it under the skin of a rabbit. In about 10 days that rabbit would die of a heart attack. And you could take it out and put it under the skin of another rabbit, and in 10 days he would die of a heart attack……he would do this to 30 rabbits and every one of them in 97% of the cases would die of heart disease.  Horrid for the rabbits but helped me decide I didn’t want one in my mouth.

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