This blog contains unashamed, unadulterated hero-worship … for the integrative doctor who played such a massive role in my recovery.  I had lunch with him last week – in a fabulous Spanish restaurant and we ate and drank well. 

He is a genius.  And for someone who has described himself “socially autistic” he is bloody good company.  His name is Dr Etienne Callebout and he is incredibly qualified – as a medical doctor, in homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, metabolic typing, neural therapy and loads more. He is very successful at helping people get better from cancer. When he isn’t practising in the Hale Clinic in London he travels around the world studying other approaches to health.  He is totally eclectic and will learn from experts in institutions like MD Anderson in Texas or just as likely a shaman – he is a glutton for medical knowledge. Which is fab for people like me. 

But maybe what might interest readers who don’t have a personal interest in cancer is the fact that he also works in regenerative medicine.  It grew out of the illness-related research but is basically an anti-ageing programme.  We can slap on all the fancy creams we want but unless we address the internal imbalances and deficiencies then age will continue to trample our cells unabated. 

Piqued your interest?  He doesn’t have a website, but google him for articles.

So great to have a doctor who likes red wine ….

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  • It’s reassuring and a bit startling to read such high praise for a medical practitioner. I wonder why he doesn’t have a website. I’d surely check it out, as I’m interested in the anti-aging stuff. Want to keep my bod in tip-top shape as long as I can.
    Love your writing and observations, Ginny. Please do more. I tried to become a “follower” here, but don’t know whether I succeeded. Sometimes these things confound me. Ultreya!

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