New melanoma drugs

When I was diagnosed with melanoma it wasn’t a hard choice to opt for the naturopathic route as the drugs for melanoma were basically pretty useless. Even my doctor at the Royal Marsden said as much. 

However, the are now two new drugs being hailed as the next big thing for people with advanced melanoma.  The two drugs are vemurafenib and ipilimumab and the studies show that they can extend survival time from a few months to as much as five years. 

On the TV last night I saw the Medical Director of the Marsden Hospital, Professor Martin Gore speaking enthusiastically about this new development.  (Another lovely doctor and my consultant when I was a patient at the Marsden). 

My own enthusiasm is a bit more muted.  While of course I am happy that someone could possibly get another five years of life (but I wonder how often it is more like months) when there is so much more that can be done naturally with melanoma.  Although the Gerson Therapy didn’t do the trick for me, it has for many. For example, Beata Bishop who has been clear for over 25 years.  (You can read her story in Overcoming Cancer: 24 true stories of triumph and hope available from  I cleared tumours in my lungs, spleen and stomach with diet, rigorous supplementation, juicing and coffee enemas.  There ARE other ways not just to prolong life but to get rid of the cancer once and for all.   

And that’s why I set up this website, why I coach people with cancer, why I put together the book I mentioned above.  Because we don’t have to rely on the latest “breakthroughs”, we can take our healing into our own hands and we can get better!

PS A course of the new drugs is reported to cost £73,000 – compare that with a bunch of supplements and some veg.   It still astounds me that the NHS doesn’t get this.  But I guess vegetable stalls don’t pack the same punch as Big Pharma.

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