Our right to choose our own path to health and the EU’s attempts to remove it

 While you have probably got the idea that coffee enemas played a big part in my recovery from melanoma, they were just part of the picture.  In addition to the de-toxing they provided I also did masses of nourishing and supporting of my immune system with diet but also with an array of supplements.  These were not your regular high street jobbies but very sophisticated blends of substances with very specific purposes. 

 At one point I was taking 122 a day – and I know they played a big part in my recovery. 

However,  I am not sure how many of those substances will continue to be available as a result of the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, which came into force at the beginning of May.  Because of this, thousands of herbal products are technically becoming illegal “simply because they cannot negotiate the regulatory minefield build by the EU over the last ten years or so”, says the Alliance for Natural Health.  The ANH is a fantastic organisation fighting this crazy legislation, which is putting at risk the health wisdom of many traditions that has worked for hundreds of years. 

Before you start to glaze over and sigh that it is all too late to make a difference and maybe wishing you had done something earlier, fear not!  It isn’t too late to take action!  The ANH is challenging the directive on the grounds that it is “discriminatory, disproportionate and non-transparent” and taking the challenge to the High Court here in the UK.  They really need our continuing support and one of the ways we can still do that is to sign the Avaaz petition.  Go to www.avaaz.orgDo this rather than fill in something you might find in your local health shop, as apparently there is inaccurate information being circulated which although well intentioned harms the effectiveness of the main petitions.   As I write there are around 800,000 signatures on there and the goal is a million. 

The ANH website is brilliant and has so much information on this and other challenges to our right to choose our own routes to health.  They have a template letter you can send to your MEP and all kinds of ways you can make your voice be heard at www.anh-europe.org.

 With polypharmacy (taking a mixture of pharmaceuticals) is a significant cause of death in the USA, it does seem bonkers that innocuous substances like cat’s claw or raspberry leaf should be outlawed.  And personally I am outraged at the idea that some bureaucrat in the EC can tell me what I can and can’t take for my own health.

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