Our right to choose our own path to health and the EU’s attempts to remove it

 While you have probably got the idea that coffee enemas played a big part in my recovery from melanoma, they were just part of the picture.  In addition to the de-toxing they provided I also did masses of nourishing and supporting of my immune system with diet but also with an array of supplements.  [...]

Drinking the stuff

So here’s a coffee and cancer related tidbit to perk you up.  When taken in the conventional way coffee can have a positive impact on certain cancers.  For example, a Harvard study of nearly 50,000 men showed that those who consumed the most coffee (ie more than six cups a day) were nearly 20% [...]

Coffee Enema, part 2

I am not sure you could make the right kind of coffee using an impressive Gaggia expresso machine or not but the Gerson people recommend 3 dessert spoonfuls of organic ground coffee with 8 fl oz of pure water.  You boil the mixture for 3 or 4 minutes to drive off the oils and [...]