Christmas food fest and cancer?

Macmillan produced a report recently stating that many cancers once considered common in old age are now being seen increasingly in the middle aged.  According to Cancer Research 61,000 people in Britain aged between 40 and 59 are diagnosed with cancer every year.  All in all, 4 out of 10 of us in the [...]


I am fascinated by the power of thought.  There is more and more evidence of how we are connected (eg Lynne McTaggart’s new book, The Bond) and how our thoughts can impact others.  This makes me ponder on prayer (a prayer is a thought after all)  and its power in healing cancer.  

There is so much [...]

Read yourself healthy

Ignorance is definitely not bliss when it comes to a cancer diagnosis.  If you don’t know that, for example, lifestyle is the most significant determining factor in getting cancer, then how can you know how to address it?

Hence, I am a big fan of reading everything and anything on the subject.  And I [...]

Teeth and cancer

I had a tooth out yesterday.  It was great!  It didn’t hurt at all and was really quick and such a relief that my weeks of anxiety and pain were over.  Not quite sure why I sang (well, ahhhed) The Farmer’s in his Den throughout – loudly enough, apparently, for the waiting room to [...]


This blog contains unashamed, unadulterated hero-worship … for the integrative doctor who played such a massive role in my recovery.  I had lunch with him last week – in a fabulous Spanish restaurant and we ate and drank well. 

He is a genius.  And for someone who has described himself “socially autistic” he is bloody good [...]

Scary headlines

I really don’t like the way the papers do that “Big C” scare story thing.

They did it today about Chris Evans, the Radio 2 DJ who had a minor procedure to check out some pre-cancerous cells in his bowel. It was thought to be a wise thing to get checked out as there [...]

Getting “fixed”

Last week I went to a talk by a chap called Dr John Veltheim, founder of the BodyTalk System – an alternative therapy that assists the body energy systems to be re-synchronized.  He had lots to say but what particular struck me was what he was saying about our Band-Aid approach to life and to [...]

New melanoma drugs

When I was diagnosed with melanoma it wasn’t a hard choice to opt for the naturopathic route as the drugs for melanoma were basically pretty useless. Even my doctor at the Royal Marsden said as much. 

However, the are now two new drugs being hailed as the next big thing for people with advanced [...]

Sun blog!

In my youth I was an avid sun-worshipper, slathering myself in baby oil (and Jif lemon in my hair to blonde it) and really loving having a tan. The fact I am very blonde with albino eyelashes and a pale skin didn’t hold me back – I looked better brown.  As most of us [...]

Our right to choose our own path to health and the EU’s attempts to remove it

 While you have probably got the idea that coffee enemas played a big part in my recovery from melanoma, they were just part of the picture.  In addition to the de-toxing they provided I also did masses of nourishing and supporting of my immune system with diet but also with an array of supplements.  [...]